Terms & Conditions

  1. Booking on this portal shall be subject to outcome of Honourable Punjab & Haryana High Court case C.W.P No. 17895 of 2020 & 17963 of 2020.
  2. The maximum booking can be made for 90 calendar days.
  3. The booking can be made maximum thirty days in advance/ prior to date of display.
  4. Any applicant can book any no. of sites available for the dates of his choice.
  5. The booking shall be on the" First come first service basis".
  6. 100% advance payment is mandatory.
  7. Payment once made is not refundable.
  8. Any Indian citizen or agency can participate in booking.
  9. Any dispute or grievance, if arises shall the referred to Commissioner Municipal Corporation Bathinda.
  10. Allottee can sublet the booked site on his/her violation however the booking is non- transferable.
  11. Display site shall be available from 1200 Hrs Noon of first day to 1200 Hrs Noon of next day of last day of booking & it shall be the duty of allottee to handover vacant site to MCB before end of the last day of booking.
  12. The rate for Advertisement booking is Rs.8/-Sq ft/per day for non-illuminated sites. The rates for advertisement on illuminated sites shall be Rs.12/-Sq ft/Per day and that of kiosk on Street light poles shall be Rs.5/-Sq ft/Per days as per Resolution No. S/5 Dated 22.02.2023 of F&CC, Municipal Corporation, Bathinda.
  13. The Electricity power Consumption charges shall be borne by MCB.
  14. The illumination on arrangement shall be made by MCB.
  15. The site shall be made available on as is where basis is but improvement in any site can be done by Municipal Corporation Bathinda at any stage.
  16. If advertisement is not removed from site after expiry of allotted period by allottee himself, the same shall be removed by MCB without notice.
  17. The displayed advertisement shall adhere to the Advertisement Bye-Laws 2018 and any contravention of the Bye-Laws may invite removal of display, One or future disbarment from advertisement.
  18. In case payment is deducted from your account but you do not receive the payment successful message, Kindly go to order history to check the receipt. In case receipt is not visible against your order,kindly immediately contact cmcbathinda@gmail.com or contact superintendent advertisement branch. Any order will be confirmed only after receipt of payment in MC Bathinda account, no claim will be considered till payment is received in M C Bathinda bank account.